Greenville Water District

630 Putnam Pike Greenville, RI 02828

Telephone 401-231-1433   

New water mains to be installed on Greenville Avenue and Commerce Street

The Greenville Water District will be starting two water main replacement projects this fall. These projects will run concurrently and will begin 

very soon. 

 The first project will replace 2500' of water main on Greenville Avenue, which will include new main pipe on Greenville Avenue from Route 44 (Putnam Pike) to Hillcrest Avenue. This will include new laterals to all sidestreets. In addition, Greenlake Drive to Hawkins Street will also be replaced. The Greenville Water District originally planned to do this work in the summer of 2020 in anticipation of the resurfacing of the road by RIDOT in 2021. Recent urgency to resurface has pushed our schedule up, but once completed should ensure no disruption of the road for many years.

The second project will be the replacement of 1200' of water main on Commerce Street. Increased heavy traffic load and an unstable road base have caused recent problems on the road necessitating immediate replacement. This is also a large industrial area and consistent water supply is necessary for successful operation of these businesses. We are anxious to alleviate the concerns of our customers in this area.