On 6/26/23 at approximately 4:30 pm today, the Greenville Water District had a failure in a​ major transmission line at Route 295 and Rt. 44. We are implementing essential water use only restrictions, no outside irrigation today and tomorrow as we work through the night to repair the water line. 

Tuesday night, the Greenville Water District installed 380' of replacement water line under Rt. 295. The employees and contractors have been working 24 hours nonstop in the effort to restore full water service to our customers. We would also like to thank you for your conservation efforts as we work through this event.

Odd Even Water Usage For Irrigation Systems

Odd numbered homes irrigate on odd numbered days and even numbered homes irrigate on even numbered days. Your sprinkler controller can be programmed to do this. This helps with water system peaking (too much water being used at the same time) which can stress a distribution system. This will be in place until further notice. You do not need to water your lawn every day to have a healthy lawn. 

Greenville Water District

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