Greenville Water District

630 Putnam Pike Greenville, RI 02828

Telephone 401-231-1433   

New water mains to be installed on Greenville Avenue and Commerce Street

The Greenville Water District will be starting two water main replacement projects this fall. The Commerce Street project is in the latter stages of construction and the Greenville Avenue Project is starting Monday October 7th.

The water main installation on Commerce Street is now complete. 

Main replacement on Greenville Avenue started on Monday October 7th. We would advise that if you use Greenville Avenue on a daily basis to seek an alternative route. Water main installation will commence starting at Hillcrest Drive and move toward Route 44. 

This project is now 60% COMPLETE. 

Scheduled shutdowns:

Commerce Street:



Greenville Avenue:

​Due to shutdown of water line for Greenville Ave. water line replacement, there is a possibility you will have slightly

discolored water for a brief period. This will clear up very quickly after usage increases in the area. We thank you for you patience and understanding. The streets affected are Hattie, Orchard, Winsor, and Hawkins.

Please check this site for updates.